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You need to be present in the market, even during the off-hours. That’s is how you attract the smallest of the markets. And always remember that Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that. We at Angika are here you to help you out.

It’s You.
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Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins. This is the philosophy with which the team at Angika dwells into working. And we are here to make you think like a publisher and not a marketer.

Website Design
and Development

The user experience design of a product essentially lies between the intentions of the product and the characteristics of your user. And who better to go for, other than Angika for web design by looking at their amazing track record.


Whether you’re looking to update the look of your site, increase your search engine ranking or start branching out into social media marketing in order to reach new clients, you’d benefit from knowing about SEO, SEM and SMM.

Prospective Leads through Content Strategy

The strategy of the content to the client should be such that they get persuaded by the story, which actually connects with the story of their own. This further makes the clients gets converted to a lead/prospective sale.

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Website Design & Development

Call Us at Angika, to get your business online & generate leads/sales. We assure you a great online experience.

E-Commerce Websites

Want a website that is people-centric? Want to act as a platform for connecting buyer and seller? Talk to Us

Domain and Hosting

Learn More on how to get the right attractive domain name for your business and how to go online


Call us up if you want to increase traffic on your website from ‘free’, ‘organic’ search results


Learn about the nuances of marketing and Angika shall help you to have an social media presence consistently


Register with Angika to increase your internet marketing involving promoting websites by search engine paid results with paid advertising.

How We Work?

Starting from the process of inducting a project into the team to the way it will be processed and how the result will be given out is given below.

competitor research bengaluru
Competitor Research / Analysis

Making sure of our client’s standing the global arena and trying to win the competition in that field of business domain.

website audit bengaluru
Website Audit / Proof Analysis

Does your website feature in the search engine? We’re going to analyze and take measures so that it is in the list in search engines.

solving the glitches bengaluru
Solving the Glitches

Depending upon the report of the analysis in the previous stage, the issues that have been raised are solved by the developer’s team.

seo implementation bengaluru
SEO Implementation

The concept if using “Key-Words” in the content section so that it appears in the search engine and acts as a parameter to get leads.

advance content optimization bengaluru
Advanced Content Optimization

The content that is written should match the way in which the clients/probable customer searches in the search engine. Ad-hoc content Writers are present.

link building bengaluru
Link Building

The user must navigate through different page on the website and the important factor is creating links and hyper links.

social media presence bengaluru
Social Media Presence

With the advent of Facebook and the large population throng into twitter, our experts of the social media presence team, will help you to reach out to the masses.

exuberant results on internet bengaluru
Exuberant Results on Internet

Becoming the talk of the town is common heard term. But becoming the talk to the internet by going viral is something we specialize in.

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Why Angika

Well that is a question that has the simplest of answers. We are different from others in the market. Check out how.


We, at Angika Technologies, help you in developing a website and generating leads which will, later be converted into prospective clients and then to sales.

Our digital marketing team will be in full intact of the project to delivering the results and making your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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Frequently asked questions

We have stripped down on the probable questions that might come to your head and we have correlated them with answers.

In this digital world, where everything is going online, websites are essentials. Gone are the days when people used to visit your store and you had to pitch your product. Now your pitching must be done online, through a website with suitable content.
The technical concept of SEO called as auditing and proof analysis. The website must be thoroughly audited and the exact keywords need to be in place, to meet the customer search requirements on the search engine or social media
Yes, competitors in every field of business are a cliché. The competitors move on the digital platform must be carefully observed and depending on that we need to create our marketing strategy. We have seasoned strategies at our tech firm. Rahul Kumar a.k.a RK is a pure genius, sagacious mastermind.
What differentiates us from our competitors is the core strength of our team and un-shakable work-ethic. Sublime 9 years of dominance in the field of website development, digital marketing and business consulting has earned us the fame that many companies in the industry crave for!
The results in terms of leads which becomes prospective clients for our customers through digital marketing and the flowery way in which we design our websites. Great amount of artistry is involved as we as a team, are like minded individuals who jell among each other, working on the sole purpose of business development for clients.
No wonder in listening the tag of being "THE BEST"
Business acumen of Angika Tech talks about the concept of “Strategic marketers and Developers”. We belong to that tribe. An expat, there are 2 billion+ people on Facebook, so to get your product to reach people is not a big thing. The intricacy lies in making you product/service reach the prospective client, which are later converted to sales.
Going through the drill of the working procedure any project received to us at Angika Tech, then we streamline the requirements of the client and the competitor’s market share and then devise a strategy. Hitherto we bring in amazing results within 4-6 months of taking up the project for digital marketing. Basic website development will be done in a week’s time.
Pretty less than your desire but more than you deserve.
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